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    Interview Tips

    Telephone Interview

    Do your research

    Prior to the phone call, research their website at length.

    Why are you interviewing?

    Know the reason why you would like to work at the company

    Laundry List

    Have a list of accomplishments and pertinent skills in front of you and
    know why you are a fit for the job. If you cannot articulate this you may
    not get the face to face interview.

    Face-to-Face Interview

    Be Prepared

    Prior to your visit, educate yourself about the company – go through their web site and write down several questions that come to mind. People notice when you have knowledge of their company and/or


    Practice your interview skills – that means answering the interview questions out loud to yourself as if you were in the interview.

    Dress Code

    Know the office dress code- look sharp and professional.

    Eye Contact

    Look people in the eye when talking or listening to them.

    Just Listen

    No single thing you can do will affect the interview more than just being a good listener. Do not talk too much. Never over sell your skillset.